Music: V.I.P Crane – “Oluwanishola” (Prod. by Spy6ix)


Many were called…but chosen are the few. No listening ear will have regrets for VIP crane’s music. 2016 lockdown- This talented artiste has taken time to voice out a wake up call for all youths and citizens to rise and aim at being successful in life. This vocalist from Team Fiery Immortals Nation unplugs a rhythm on Gasmillah’s instrumental (Ghanaian producer) with several wordplay,proverbs,punch lines, and lovable hooks- above all,a perfect chorus. ‘Oluwanishola‘ inspires listeners never to be bothered by the ups and downs of life and never to give up regardless of what ‘people’ say or do. VIP-no doubt is ready to take the music industry to the next height. A couple of his tracks are available online on top blogs and youtube He is soon to release featuring tracks with home-based artistes Horlaitan and Abd’Malik.
Abeeb Babalawlar a.k.a VIP crane hails from Osun state but he is for now a Kwara based artiste. The acclaimed ‘Vocalist warlord’ by Team Fiery immortals nation currently pursue a degree in one of the universities in Nigeria.
Follow on IG @Babalawlarabeeb and on  Facebook. ‘Oluwanishola’ is a dancehall freestyle for all able listeners and beautiful people. Download, listen and enjoy Bellow:V.I.P Crane (3)






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