5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Where Once Homeless Before Stardorme


Nigerian celebrities have it all, the glam, the fame and the money. But before they rose to stardom, many of them struggled for money.
And some were not just poor, they were homeless too. Below are 5 Nigerian celebrities who at some point in their lives had nowhere to sleep but the streets.

1. Timaya

Before this Port-Harcourt born star became a household name in Nigeria. He was a troubled young child whose interest in music led to a lot of things.

Timaya ran away from home at the age of 14 and lived on the streets because his father wanted him to become a banker.
He was once recorded saying,
“One day, I left the house but they caught and returned me after a year of living wild on the streets. I was tied and beaten up severely. I would act like I’m okay and the next thing, I’d run away again. That was my lifestyle until, my mother called my elder sister to say she was tired of me and urged her to take me to live with her in Lagos.”

2. Patoranking

Before hitting it big with his hit song ‘Alubarika’, Patoranking quit school due to financial difficulties, moved from Cape Coast to Accra and spent most nights on the streets of Osu for survival.

Patoranking has once revealed his song, ‘Nothing to Something’ was the chronicle of his life. During that period the reggae singer lived in a one room apartment and sold rat killer in traffic. He was also a bricklayer for a while and dabbled into so many things to achieve his dreams.

3. Mercy Johnson

Before Mercy Johnson won hearts nationwide, she once lived in an uncompleted building.
The actress once revealed in an interview withTribune that sometimes when she cries on set, its because she remembers how she started. According to her, her family once moved into an uncompleted building, where they lived with lizards and when rain fell they had to take cover.

4. Joseph Benjamin

Before Joseph Benjamin became the big star he his now, this actor was once a bakery attendant, security guard, sold female shoes inBalogun market, a waiter, a bus conductor who was homeless living in an incomplete building for a while.

5. Ramsey Nouah

Ramsey Nouah and his mother started out comfortable, but along the line they lost their resources and had to adapt to ‘hard life’. Ramsey says he once slept under the bridge, with neither cup nor stove. Today, he has featured in numerous movies and won many awards.
We hope this inspires you to get out there and achieve your dreams regardless of obstacles life throws your way.


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